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Reverse Raffle

February 24 @ 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

What is a Reverse Raffle?

This raffle is just the opposite of a regular raffle where you want your name to stay in the barrel and be the LAST name drawn out. In this crazy backwards raffle, 250 raffle tickets will be sold. Each ticket gives you the opportunity to win all sorts of cash and prizes throughout the night but ending in the grand prizes. The last three names drawn out will receive $1000, $2500 and $5000 respectively. But that’s not all, names drawn all night long will also win cash amounts or great gift cards and other prizes from our community.

Will we have to sit and wait for 250 names to be drawn out?

Actually yes, but there will be no down time. In between the names being drawn out we’re going to have an entertaining assortment of activities for you to participate in. We’ll have a couple rounds of bingo, a 50/50 drawing, Family Feud style games, a live and silent auction and a Spirit Tree! From a charming emcee, to a lively auctioneer and all of the fun and games you can imagine, this night will be EXCITING culminating with someone winning $5000!!!

What games will you do?

Envelope Game – We’ll place Envelopes on everyone’s table. You can place your name on the envelope and put anywhere from $2 – $50 in your envelope. We’ll pick these up at the end of the night. We’ll draw one envelope from the mix and whoever’s envelope we draw will win 10X the money they put in the envelope up to $500.

Bingo Cards – just regular old Bingo cards but fun to play and beat your neighbor!

Family Feud Style Games – Pick two people from your table because if we draw your table’s number two players will need to come forward and play the Reverse Raffle version of Family Feud. Over a 100 people won’t be surveyed but we’ll find questions that will stump your neighbor…..not only entertaining but we’ll give you a chance to guess which team is going to win. You can cheer your friends to a victory for the blue or the red team.

50/50 Raffle – Buy a ticket and if your number is drawn, win half the pot!

Spirit Tree – Buy a shot bottle of alcohol of your choice off of our tree. Drink the shot if you must or save it for later but save the bottle. There is a number at the bottom. If your number is called at the bottom of the night, you win!

Pick A Cup – 50 solo cups will be placed face down on the table. Inside the cups will be various cash and prizes. Buy a chance to pick a cup and you win whatever is under the cup you choose. Don’t pick the wrong cup as some might be EMPTY!

Playing Cards – We’ll sell you half a playing card. If we pull your other half of playing card out of the bucket…you win half the pot. 52 cards will be sold so a nice pot awaits!

Jumbo Playing Cards – We’ll sell you half of a jumbo playing card. If the other half wins, you get to pick your prize from any of the auction or silent auction items.

Other various surprise games….we have a few more ideas under our hat that we will play and you might not even know you’re playing!!! That’s just part of the fun! Show up to see what awaits!

I bought one ticket but it says food for two?

Each ticket is good for one chance at the raffle but each ticket holder can bring one guest for this meal and night of fun. Did we mention there will also be free beer for the ticket holder and their guest? 

What time does it start?

The meal will be served at 6:00 pm but we’d like you to come right away at 5:00 pm, grab your first drink, visit with your friends, look at the auction items and decide which games you’d like to play for the night! There will be all sorts of shenanigans happening even before the night gets started!

You have Live and Silent Auctions?

Check our Facebook posts for a list of items to be auctioned. We will update the list as the items roll in. We will have GREAT one of a kind auction items that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.




February 24
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm